LOVE ME BEFORE YOU DIE is the story of three very unusual characters. 

Tristan Donovan, an attractive millionaire, whose childhood abuse turns him into a serial killer, who preys on men who abuse their children. 

Nathaniel Foster, a compassionate New York surgeon who, devastated by pain over his wife’s sudden death, develops a bizarre obsession. 

And Ava Kostova, a beautiful woman who, after facing betrayal and heartbreak, trains herself to become a sex goddess and extort what now she believes is the only thing men can offer – money. 

Both men fall madly in love with Ava, and with their different types of devotion, propel her into a journey filled with danger, intrigue and seduction that convinces her that true love is worth not only living, but dying for.


If love triangles often end in tragedy, imagine when a serial killer gets involved.