“Chronicles of a Cursed Love” is the story of Claire Thompson, a seventeen-year-old American, who loses her parents and moves to Venice with her Italian grandmother. There, she falls for a gorgeous, young man who lives at a luxurious palazzo. His name is David, and there is something about him that transcends time; he is her soul mate and she is his. But David is cursed by a powerful warlock who threatens to turn him into his disciple. Enlisting the help of her two new friends, Claire searches for a counter-curse to save David’s soul, and possibly his life. “Chronicles of a Cursed Love” is an adventure into a world of warlocks, wizards, mysterious ancestors and magic, but mostly, it is a story of how love can triumph over evil.




In 1722, a secret society of vengeful men began to dabble in Black Magic in order to destroy their enemies. One night, they accidently evoked the darkest of evil spirits and their fates changed forever. “The Master” – as it called itself – promised these men limitless power in return for their loyalty, and with the creature’s help, they became the most powerful warlocks on earth.

Now determined to conquer the world, they formed “The Order of the Dragon” and converted innocent men and women into their disciples, by granting them a medallion that gradually corrupted their souls. The twenty-four original members were like gods, nearly invincible, and during those tragic years, they marched across Europe, bringing pain and misery to those who stood in their way.

Once the Catholic Church learned of the Dragon’s growing influence, they called on the most powerful world leaders to collectively destroy all warlocks. Many lives were lost while the allies tried to discover the warlocks’ weaknesses. Finally, after nearly a decade of war, The Order of the Dragon fell. 

The original members were publicly executed alongside their disciples, and every trace of the Order’s existence was eradicated. The allies celebrated, oblivious to the fact that several of the warlocks’ medallions had been hidden in an effort to survive beyond the failing war.

The threat has remained dormant ever since, but evil will be unleashed again, as soon as the right person listens to its call...


David and I were about to make love for the first time. 

We felt bonded for life, as though we were already married. I wanted to be fully his. Despite my solid convictions, however, sex was a big step for me. Not only because it was our first time, but because it was my first time, too. 

So, I stood there, facing him, feeling deadly nervous. 

David was in no rush. He kissed my forehead tenderly and looked at me with eyes full of devotion. “This is going to be a moment we will both cherish, Claire.”

I smiled back at him and leaned my head against his chest – there was nothing more soothing to me than listening to the beating of David’s heart. “I know, sweetheart.”

Mr. Winslet – David’s father – had left on a trip the day before, so we took the opportunity to have the whole house to ourselves. David’s incredibly luxurious home was a place a middle-class girl like me could have only imagined in her dreams. But we had been dating for a few months now, and I had grown accustomed to it. I had brought a small suitcase, after having convinced my family that I was spending the weekend with my best friend, and David and I were now standing in front of the bed David’s mother had once slept. 

This place was a sanctuary for endless love, where Mr. Winslet had kept his wife’s memory alive for the past two years. In my opinion, it was the perfect venue to make love for the first time, and the fact that David had brought me there proved that he thought the same way. 

He kissed my hand and said, “I will call my dad and I’ll be right back.”

I knew David well enough to know that he had no phone calls to make. He had just realized that I was nervous and gave me a few moments to prepare myself. “Okay, handsome. Don’t take too long.”

He smiled and headed to his dad’s downstairs office.

I took a shower and slipped into my most recent acquisition – a black silk nightgown my friend Loretta had helped me choose for the occasion. She was far more knowledgeable than me when it came to fashion, and I trusted her judgment for special occasions like this. I enjoyed my reflection in the mirror. David would find me pretty.

I sprayed a few plumes of perfume around me, retouched my lip gloss, and sat gingerly on the bed. 

I was sure David was trying to make me feel comfortable, but this “ritual” was causing me to tense up. I couldn’t stop balling my hands into tight fists while I waited for him. Maybe it would have been easier if we had just kissed and let things go from there... 

Finally, he knocked at the door. My heart raced – my confidence suddenly gone. “Come in.”

David walked in with a broad smile on his face. “You look stunning!” 

“Thank you,” I said, pleased. “You–” Before I could finish, he kissed me intensively. 

He was not as sweet and caring as before, and his body seemed to radiate waves of swirling heat. We explored one another’s lips while David’s hands slowly probed my body in a way he had never done before. I suddenly felt uncomfortable. This was going much faster than I expected, but I didn’t want to pull away. 

Assuming that he was nervous too, I said playfully, “I cannot breathe, baby…” And I hoped he got the message.

He didn’t. “I always wanted you,” was all he said. He thrust forward with another kiss, driving me toward the bed. 

I loved David so much; there was absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for him gratefully. Alright, Claire…he’s your David. He loves you and he’s been through a lot. Let him do it his way. It’s your first time, not your last!

I surrendered to this rushed version of my romantic dream, and after a few jarring recoils, the special moment was over. David was lying beside me and I was staring at the wall, filled with disappointment. So that was it? Sex had turned the sweetest guy I’d ever met into a selfish, primitive beast? 

I took a deep breath, wrapped myself in a sheet, and walked to the window facing the canal below. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, but I couldn’t force it down. David had spared me the pillow talk, the “I love you’s,” and just about all the romantic words he had poured into my ear over the course of our relationship. This didn’t make any sense. I knew he was nothing like this, and I was sure that he would realize how… “wrong…” he was acting. Any moment now, he would rush over to hug me and apologize. 

I waited for David to come to me. Instead, I heard him laugh.

I narrowed my eyes. Is he seriously laughing at me?!

As I turned around to protest, my blood froze. David’s face was morphing into someone else’s, as was the sound of his laughter. 

Even before his change was complete, I knew who he truly was. This creature standing before me was not David. My breath caught inside my throat and my legs froze in overwhelming panic. The tears soon flooded out, streaming down my cheeks.

Vilmok smiled at me and growled, “How memorable was that, my dear?” 

The powerful warlock rushed toward me and I let out a scream.