Love Me Before You Die

A Novel

by Liza Andrews


If love triangles often end in tragedy, imagine when a serial killer is involved? Tristan Donovan, the heir of a multi-million dollar law firm, is gorgeous, wealthy and talented, but his perfect façade conceals a broken soul and a disturbed mind. His domineering father sexually abused him throughout his childhood and drove his mother to an early death. Overwhelmed by hatred by his father and guilt for not being able to protect his mother, Tristan loses his mind. As a teenager, he obsesses over the painting of a redheaded goddess who brings back the comfort of his mother's love. As an adult, he finds comfort murdering powerful men who abuse their children.

The other two points of this love triangle also conceal a dark past. Nathaniel Foster is a renowned New York surgeon who can’t get over the sudden death of the love of his life. He develops a bizarre obsession and keeps his heart and his secret away from the world. And Ava Kostova, a young beauty, who after a devastating heartbreak, becomes a professional gold digger. Ava only seeks the most powerful men in the world to provide her with a lavish, globe-trotting lifestyle. But she soon grows disgusted with the materialistic woman she has become, and decides to reconnect with her old self by finding her estranged identical twin.

When Ava arrives in New York, she discovers that her twin has recently died and that Nate had been her husband. Both Tristan and Nate fall madly in love with the enticing redhead. For Tristan, Ava resembles the painting and his mother, and protecting her becomes his form of absolution for his crimes. For Nate, she is a double of his beloved wife, and perhaps a second chance at love. Overwhelmed by these two powerful forces, Ava forgets all the strategies she had learned to manipulate men and once again, finds herself at the mercy of her heart. "Love Me Before You Die" is a dangerous journey, filled with seduction, intrigue and obsession, where not everyone will make it out alive