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Tristan is the heir of a multi-million dollar law company. He’s gorgeous, wealthy and talented but his perfect facade conceals a broken soul and a disturbed mind. He was beaten and sexually abused by his father and this events also culminated in his mother’s nervous breakdown and sudden death. Overwhelmed by hatred for his father and guilt for not having been able to protect his beloved mother, he starts losing his mind. As a teenager, Tristan obsesses over a mysterious portrait of a woman who brings back the comfort of his mother’s love. As an adult, he starts killing men who abuse their children. And now, he meets Ava, who resembles the woman in the portrait and propels him into an insane mission to worship and protect her to redeem his soul.

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Ava is a gorgeous, smart woman with a passionate heart. But after facing betrayal and heartbreak from the man he loved, she trained herself to become a sex goddess. For years, Ava only seeks the most powerful men in the world who provide her with a lavish, globe-trotting lifestyle, until she meets Tristan and Nate.

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Nate is a brilliant New York heart surgeon from a wealthy traditional family. When he loses the love of his life – his wife – at child birth, he develops a crazy obsession that almost drives his insane. For three years, he lives only for his work and his child, keeping  his heart closed to the rest of the world until he meets Ava.

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